Is there anything that I am prohibited from consigning to you?

Yes, we do not carry the following goods:

  • Furniture or white goods such as washers, dryers and refrigerators
  • Chemicals or cement
  • Hazardous or dangerous goods such as flammables, toxins, acid, aerosols, oils, fuels, asbestos
  • Foodstuffs requiring refrigeration or any food not packed or may deteriorate if exposed Animals, pets or livestock
  • Legal tender including cash, gold and precious gems
  • Any single item over 25kg dead weight not palletized (OH&S requirement)
  • Anything without adequate packaging
  • Any single item without a registered consignment note/bar code and/or address label attached Pipes or lengths over 4 meters


We specialize in cartons, parcels and pallets. In other words, your goods must always be well packed and sealed. Please remember that your carton will travel with hundreds of others in our semi trailers and trucks, meaning it must be sturdy enough to withstand other cartons being stacked on top of it and around it. If your carton isn’t strong enough to withstand stacking, we recommend you repack the contents with additional filling, such as void fill or bubble wrap.


Please note we reserve the right to refuse collection and/or delivery of any item if it is unsuitable to carry. In the event of our driver not collecting your goods because they are prohibited from consignment, you may forfeit all or part of the amount charged to your credit card.


Don’t hesitate to read the Despatching Your Goods section of our website for additional tips, or send us an email with any questions or queries on the packaging you may need.